Purchase HiFile

Get 50 % off! Use a discount for early adopters until HiFile reaches final 1.0 release. Click "Buy HiFile license" below, enter your email and click "Add coupon" and then enter discount coupon PRE-RELEASE-1.0. With this coupon you will be charged only USD 12.50. This applies only to licenses for Windows and macOS because licenses for Linux are of course absolutely free. :)

How to buy

Your purchase will be secured and processed by Payhip, a popular e-commerce platform for digital content. Start the purchase by going to HiFile e-shop or by clicking on the button below. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. HiFile is purchased in one single payment, no further payments will be charged.

Make sure to enter a valid email during purchase. The license key will be sent to that email immediately after the payment. If you happen to have problems finding the email, please do not forget to check also your spam folder.

About the license

A valid license is required for using HiFile on Windows and macOS. No license is needed for using HiFile on Linux.

The license is time unlimited and covers all future updates of HiFile. Each license can be registered on up to 2 of your personal computers.

If you decide to not use HiFile on your computer anymore, you should unregister the license so that you can register it on another computer later.

If you are interested in obtaining a multilicense please send inquiry to info@hifile.app.