Privacy policy

Personal data

We value your privacy and therefore we do not collect your personal data. We do not use web cookies on our website.

Payhip purchases

All purchases are handled by Payhip. Their privacy policy is available here. As a product supplier on Payhip we do not have access to any payment data such as credit card numbers. We are however able to see:

  • your email address
  • your license key
  • the date of purchase
  • approximate location where the purchase was made
  • discount coupon you used

Email usage terms

We use your email address for registration of HiFile license. Your email address will not be provided to third parties under any circumstances. We will not use your email address for marketing purposes and we will not inform you about program updates unless you explicitly give consent by checking "Send me product updates and offers" (by default is off). We may however send you email in emergency situations (if there are any) to inform you about important security fixes of HiFile application, asking you to update the application.

Network communication

HiFile connects to the server only when you request a trial period during the application first run, when you register or unregister your license, when the application checks for updates or when the application detects that the previous application run crashed. The data which are sent are: unique randomized ID of your HiFile installation, unique ID of your machine, type of your operating system and your HiFile license key. This data is used only for verification of your license to ensure that the license is not misused, updating the application with newer versions and allowing improvements by notifying about crashes. Sending this data poses absolutely no threat to your computer or yourself. Nevertheless none of this data will be provided to third parties.