File manager for Windows, macOS and Linux

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HiFile is the next evolution of file managers. Its mission is to increase your productivity whenever you work with files or folders. It aims to be better in every way - more convenient, more versatile, more efficient, more elegant, more customizable, and more fun.

Please note that HiFile is still a work in progress. HiFile 1.0 release is expected by the end of 2024.
For Windows, macOS and Linux
HiFile runs natively on all major desktop operating systems. It provides a consistent and unified user experience on all these systems, while preserving all platform-specific behavior.
Manage your files and folders
HiFile has many useful features to offer: copying, moving, renaming, archiving, deleting, viewing, editing, filtering, searching, synchronizing and much more.
Fast and lightweight
HiFile is highly optimized to provide a pleasant user experience. It runs lightning fast and has a very small memory footprint. It easily compares with the best in its class.
Archiving support
HiFile makes it easy to browse archives the same way you work with regular folders. HiFile supports reading from and writing to archives in a surprisingly wide variety of formats.
Integrated viewers
HiFile allows you to quickly view the contents of files, whether they are images, text or binary files. It also allows basic editing. You can also view images as thumbnails.
Perfect ergonomy
HiFile was designed with ergonomics in mind. Everything is easily accessible with a mouse, but to be truly productive, you should learn to use HiFile with a keyboard.
Dual pane user interface
The dual-pane interface is the most convenient and traditional file manager layout. It comes in handy when you want to transfer files from one panel to another.
Customizable user interface
The user interface is designed to be clean, simple and elegant. It allows a lot of customization, such as different color themes or easy zooming in and out of the interface.
Quickly navigate to any folder
Press the space bar and start typing the name of the folder you want to jump to. HiFile will immediately offer the corresponding favorite folders or folders you have worked with.
Quickly filter items
Just start typing a few letters and HiFile will quickly filter out all matching items in the current folder. This makes it quick and easy to find anything you need.
Free on Linux
If you use Linux, you're in luck! HiFile for Linux is completely free. Just download it and you can use it for free forever. There is no license or registration required.
No adware, no spyware, no viruses
HiFile is an honest product, financed by the sale of Windows and MacOS licenses. It does not and will never contain any kind of adware, spyware, malware or viruses.